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It is the "yes" in life that matters, isn't it?  All the times we say "yes", those are the moments that make the difference.  It is "yes" that opens the door, receives the light, takes the first step, breathes out, paints the first stroke, writes the first sentence.  It is "yes" that lets in love, that stands in front of tanks holding a rose.  It is "yes" that hears the birdsong, that feels wind in hair, that laughs.  "Yes" laughs, long and hard, by surprise, right here, right now.  "Yes" becomes that which instructs, lets loose something, makes you who you are.  Sing your "yes", cry your "yes", wave it like a flag.  Your soul whispers it to you, "yes" in your prayers, in your dreams.  Yes.  Remember the "yes" and do it homage-----Carol Stalcup


Moab Sunrise, 2005


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