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August 6-12   "Wisdom Begins in Wonder" ,  seminar at Ghost Ranch, in Abiquiu, New Mexico

September 14 "The Science of Flourishing",  Fort Worth Psychological Association at Mental Health Association, Fort Worth, Texas

October    "Making Art: Psychologists Create 3",  Fort Worth Community Arts Center,

Art exhibit of work by psychologists


Jan 3    "Effective Behavior Intervention Plans",  Everman ISD

April 9  "Live in Harmony",   retreat,  McAllen, Texas 

September 25  "The Ladder and the Web: Men and Women in Conversation", First Presbyterian Church of Dallas


Jan-May  "Stargazing Stories: Sparking your creativity", weekly internet radio show on VoiceAmerica.com

March 12   "Positive Psychology in the Schools",  Arlington ISD

June 4   "Making Art: Psychologists Create 2",  art exhibition at Fort Worth Community Arts Center, group show presented by artists from  Fort Worth Psychological Association


Jan-Feb       "Reading the Bible for Spiritual Transformation",  St. Stephen

                  Presbyterian Church, Fort Worth


March 13    "Authentic Happiness---Positive Psychology and Gratitude", 

                 workshop,   Arlington ISD

April  6       "The Labyrinth as Spiritual Tool"    St. Stephen Presbyterian Church                    Fort   Worth

April 16-17  "Live in Harmony",  retreat, First Presbyterian Church of Fort Worth

Aug - Dec    "Stargazing Stories: Sparking Your Creativity", weekly internet radio show on VoiceAmerica.com



  January 25       "Counseling in Schools",  Arlington ISD,  Arlington, Texas


  February 12   "Stargazing with Hildegard: Curiosity, Courage and  Creativity". Wizard Academy, Buda, Texas


 March 14        "Positive Psychology:  Applications in schools",  Arlington ISD


 April 6 - May 25   "Making Room: Rediscovering the Christian Tradition of Hospitality",

 St. Stephen Presbyterian Church, Fort Worth, Texas


  May 9          "Positive Psychology: Latest Research"  Fort Worth Area Psychological Association, Mental Health Association, Fort Worth

August 8  "Listening to Life: Psychologists Create",  exhibit of painting, photography and writing, opening reception, Fort Worth Community Arts Center,  see www.fwapa.org or www.fwcac.com for more details

August 21  " Change:  Why people do and why they don't"  Arlington ISD


September 15   "Heart Work: The intersection of spirituality and psychotherapy"  First Congregational Church Wellness Series, Fort Worth, Texas


December 4. 2008   "Spiritual Gifts",   First Presbyterian Church of Dallas, Dallas, Texas





January 13        "Exploring Prayer",  First Presbyterian Church of Dallas

February 10      Retreat,  "Hospitality of the Heart", Covenant Presbyterian Church, Carrollton, Texas

June 8              "Authenticity:  The Life of Hildegard von Bingen", Fort Worth Area Psychological Association

July 12-15         Workshop:  "Different Voices: Women and Men in Conversation",  Synod Triennial Women's Conference, Hot Springs, Arkansas

August 22          Educational Strategies for Students with Asperger's Syndrome,  Everman ISD

August 23          "Got it!"  How to be more direct, clear and effective in workplace communications",  Arlington ISD

September 9, 16, 23, 30      "The Abundant Life:  Everyday Spirituality"   St. Stephen Presbyterian Church


November 10          "Ins and outs of psychological assessment: The ARC of Texas,  Our Special Children, Child Study Center, Fort Worth


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