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Carol A. Stalcup, Ph.D.   

6421 Camp Bowie  Suite 306

Fort Worth, Texas 76116



Educated at Rice University and The University of Texas at Austin, I have practiced the art and science of psychology for 35 years in a variety of clinical and educational settings. I have learned much from the children, teenagers, adults and families that it has been my privilege to know and to share part of their journey.  

  Years of volunteer leadership roles in the community and my church led to understanding the interconnectedness gained in shared mission. From 2008-2010 I served on the Executive Committee of the Fort Worth Area Psychological Association as President Elect, President and Past President.  During this time we presented two exhibitions of art work by psychologists and I continue to chair the committee on Psychology and the Arts.  We will present our third show in October 2012.



My therapy practice focuses on the psychology of optimal functioning, a.k.a. “Positive Psychology", and its applications to wellness and personal growth. I also specialize in treatment of anxiety and depression, life transitions and losses and Asperger's Syndrome. Special interests include the role of creativity in enhancing well-being.


 Identifying, nurturing and expressing our strengths leads to a more engaged, meaningful life.  Therapy is a creative, collaborative process.  This collaboration creates space and possibility for change.  In this attentive, supportive, encouraging, safe space,  the client may envision and choose actions to move towards something new, different, wiser and more integrated.  It is about finding the right questions to ask, as well as enhancing hopefulness, courage, insight and optimism. 


My training and experience has included a variety of therapeutic strategies, including cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology.  For those clients who want to include expressive arts such as journaling, collage, painting, these practices may add intuition and wisdom to your therapy. 

 Recently I hosted a year-long weekly internet radio show series on Voice America, called "Stargazing Stories: Sparking Your Creativity".  I write regularly and post photographs, primarily on my blogs

"Reflective Surfaces"    and

Stargazing Stories: Sparking Your Creativity



 I have presented to numerous professional organizations and conferences as well as to educators in public and private schools.  Since 2001 I have enjoyed presenting workshops which integrate principles of positive psychology with creativity, resilience and spirituality, including programs of exploration and discovery in France.  In addition I have facilitated spirituality classes and retreats for a number of churches and church conferences.


A few years ago, my journey led to obtaining specialized training in the art of spiritual direction.   I also find it meaningful, powerful and creative to work with therapy clients on life issues in the context of their unique spiritual backgrounds, beliefs and current experiences.


 As a Creativity Coach I specialize in enhancing creativity in all areas of life as well as in specific creative expressions. For information about creativity coaching, a separate component of my practice which is different from psychotherapy in a number of ways,  I invite you to visit www.jumpstartyourdreams.us


If you would like to know more specifics about my education and experience, I would be glad to furnish that.















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