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Creative Spirit: 
Play, Wonder, and Art

"Cave at Pech Merle" , oil on paper, C. Stalcup, 2000

Holidays in France*Pechmerle

*These programs were sponsored by the Fort Worth Area Psychological Association and took place at Le Vieux Couvent in Frayssinet in the southwest of France.  I included this archival information as a sample program of  the integration of  key themes of this website.... 

Program content based on research/writing in the areas of positive psychology, happiness, self-expression, creativity, and flow.  Taking advantage of the beauty found at Le Vieux Couvent, the surrounding villages and countryside, class discussions are integrated with the excursions and other experiences of the holiday.  Participants explore their particular types of artistic expression.  These sessions offer insight and applications to professional practice.  But these holidays, the "vacances en vie", are fundamentally about living well--- the good life, the authentic life, the life filled with beauty.  The life that pauses at the end of the day to laugh, to say "well-done", and to go to sleep with a peaceful heart.  There are four basic themes in the exploration of the creative spirit:

Living with Mindfulness: Breathing, Moving, Noticing, Wonder
Mind- body connections, sensory awareness, present moment, wonder and curiosity, play, movement

Living with Intention: Writing and Art-Making as Lifestyle
Journaling, image-making, drawing from inner images as well as learning to "see" differently the world we encounter every day 

Living with Spirit: Shrines and Sacred Spaces

Expressions of Spirituality, historic shrines, personal sacred spaces

Living with Beauty: Self-expression in surroundings
Aesthetics in daily life, interior/exterior design, gardening, culinary arts

, music

The holiday program offers the authentic experience of living in a French village, going to the market in local communities, imagining a different way of life.   It is "time away" for retreat and for exploration, including discussion/experiential activities, art-making, and writing.  Excursions throughout the area offer opportunity for great photography, practicing  French, and encountering French history and culture, from the Chateau of Beynac to wine tasting to village churches to the flowers of market day at Sarlat. 


Le Vieux Couvent

Built in the 1600's

, Le Vieux Couvent  was renovated a few years ago by artist/owners Bill Boychuk and Corinne Campbell.  It sits in a country lane at the edge of the tiny village of Frayssinet in the Dordogne region of France, about 5 hours by train from Paris.  This lovely rural area is famous for the beauty of the Lot and Dordogne rivers, medieval towns and villages, historic Chateaux, caves, and pilgrimage sites.




"Door at Le Vieux Couvent", oil on canvas,  C. Stalcup, 2000


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